About us


In 1972 SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd. founder Rikuzō Suzuki started importing pieces
of well-used furniture he found in Europe for sale in Japan,
An unfamiliar practice yet to take root in country.
Attractive yet affordable products adding a bit of fun luxury to the home came to be
accepted widely as a new value.
This is how The SAZABY LEAGUE DNA we cherish to this day was formed
~ an everyman/woman’s perspective, new value proposals and the will to
put thrills into motion.


1970s 1972 Established SAZABY Inc.

Founder Rikuzo Suzuki established SAZABY Inc. to import and sell furniture. The business was launched under the concept of bringing affordable luxury and a joyful lifestyle to the ordinary consumer.

  • 1972

    Apr. Established SAZABY Inc. to import furniture for sale in Japan
    Began design, manufacture and sales of bags and related merchandise
    Established original bag brand SAZABY sold mainly wholesale to department stores

  • 1973

    Jul. Head office relocated to Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    Began design, manufacture and sales of textiles (print design) and clothing for apparel makers

  • 1975

    Restaurant Bar "Silver Spoon" Started

  • 1977

    Jun. Head office relocated to Motoyoyogi-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


1980s 1981 Launched “Afternoon Tea”

Afternoon Tea proposed a European lifestyle that was within reasonable reach. The store combined a tea room with sales of household goods. The presentation was revolutionary at the time, comprehensively offering a lifestyle experience with products and service in a cozy space.

  • 1981

    Sep. Opened as the first Afternoon Tea store, an original brand of combined tearoom and household goods

  • 1983

    Dec. Established agnès b. SUNRISE, INC. as a joint venture with C.M.C. S.A. of France

  • 1984

    Feb. “agnès b.” Started

1984 Launched “agnès b.”

In an era when designer brands were at their height of popularity, the simple and comfortable French casual style of agnès b. brought a breath of fresh air to Japan.

1985 Launched “SAZABY”

SAZABY’s functional, stylish bags, designed under the concept of “taking the standpoint of consumers” were inspired by founder Rikuzo Suzuki’s experiences of traveling the world.
The brilliantly designed bags made of light, durable nylon captured the hearts of many.

  • 1985

    Apr. Opened as the first SAZABY brand bag store for direct sales (mainly wholesale until then)

    Jul. Established FAR EAST COMPANY INC.

  • 1986

    Jul. Established KIHACHI & S. Inc.

  • 1987

    Feb Head office and Sales HQ relocated to Higashi Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

    Sep. “KIHACHI” Started


1990s 1990 Launched “agete”

The first agete store was opened on the prominent Kotto-dori (“antique street”) in Aoyama.
The rich lineup included contemporary-casual original designs using silver, gold, and precious and semiprecious stones alongside richly unique designer accessories and European antique jewelry. Mixing products of various categories like this was unusual and made the store very distinct at the time.

  • 1990

    Jun. Opened as the first agete store, an original accessory brand

  • 1993

    Feb. Head office and Sales HQ relocated to Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

  • 1995

    Oct. Established Starbucks Coffee Japan, Ltd. as a joint venture with Starbucks Coffee International, Inc. of the United States

1996 Launched “STARBUCKS COFFEE” in Japan

Under the concept of creating a time of fulfillment with a single cup of coffee, STARBUCKS COFFEE created the new proposal of a “third place” away from both the home and workplace as well as the new lifestyle of buying coffee as “takeout” to arrive at work with a cup in hand.

  • 1996

    Aug. “STARBUCKS COFFEE” Started

  • 1997

    Mar. “Afternoon Tea BAKERY” Started

    Aug. Head office and Sales HQ relocated to Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

    Sep. Listed on Japan Securities Dealers Association (current JASDAQ) OTC market

  • 1998

    Jan. AMERICAN RAG CIE” Started

    Feb. “ANAYI” Started

    Oct. Established AMERICAN RAG CIE JAPAN, INC. as a joint venture with Industries Werts, Inc. of the United States


2000s 2009 Launched “Ron Herman”

Ron Herman opened as a boutique on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles in 1976, and its first store in Japan opened in Sendagaya, Tokyo in 2009. Opened at a time when European-style boutiques were popular, Ron Herman’s philosophy was that fashion should be full of love, stimulating and fun, and liberated. It proposed genuinely relaxing styles and an experience in which visitors could enjoy not only shopping, but the ambience as well.

  • 2000

    Aug. “NOJESS” Started
    Established And A Inc. and ESTNATION INC.

  • 2001

    Feb. “And A” Started

    Sep. “ESTNATION” Started

  • 2002

    Mar. Established TAACOBA Inc. as a joint venture with LONGLEAGE inc.

    Aug. “TAACOBA” Started

  • 2003

    Dec. Introduced group identity as SAZABY LEAGUE

  • 2005

    Mar. Terminated joint venture agreement and capital ties of agnès b. SUNRISE, INC. with C.M.C. S.A. of France

    Jun. Established PINA Inc. as a joint venture with Coflusa S.A.U. of Spain

    Sep. “CAMPER” Started

    Dec. Changed trade name to SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd. and group identity to The SAZABY LEAGUE

  • 2006

    Aug. “allureville” Started

  • 2007

    Sep. “rejiig” Started

    Dec. Established Triple I, Ltd.

  • 2008

    Jan. “BELLESIORA” Started
    Established 3.1 Phillip lim Japan, Ltd. as a joint venture with 3.1 Phillip lim LLC of the United States

    Apr. “Cocoonist” Started
    “3.1 phillip lim” Started
    SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd. became a holding company and established ICL Inc., BLT Inc., Baggage Handlers Inc. and A&S Inc. through incorporation-type company split

2009 Established SAZABY LEAGUE HR

SAZABY LEAGUE HR is a special subsidiary company established to employ persons with special needs under the concept of “a workplace where individuality is a strength and anyone can flourish.” The company is a pioneer in creating specialized jobs that consider each person’s needs and allows them to utilize their inherent outstanding abilities.

  • 2009

    Apr. SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd. established SAZABY LEAGUE HR Inc. through incorporation-type company split

    Aug. “Ron Herman” Started
    BLT Inc. merged with KIHACHI & S. Inc. and changed its trade name to IVY, INC.


2010s 2018 Launched “ARTIDA OUD”

ARTIDA OUD was born as a brand that offers a unique shopping experience with jewelry using the D2C (Direct to Consumer) method that is mainly online, under the concept of sustainable circulation.

  • 2010

    Mar. And A Inc. merged with Triple I, Ltd. and changed its trade name to YUGO Inc.

  • 2011

    Mar. Voluntarily delisted from JASDAQ standard market through management buyout

    Oct. SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd. and AHA, Ltd. merged The merging company AHA, Ltd. changed its trade name to SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd.

  • 2012

    Mar. SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd. merged with YUGO Inc. as a merging company

  • 2013

    Jan. Established Sazaby League (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. in China

    Mar. “LE SUN PALM” Started

    Apr. “Soaptopia” Started
    “AKOMEYA TOKYO” Started

    Jul. Invested in Zebra Japan K.K. and started a joint venture with Zebra A/S

    Oct. “Flying Tiger Copenhagen” Started

  • 2014

    May. “Frank & Eileen” Started

    Aug. “RACHEL ASHWELL SHABBY CHIC Couture®” Started

    Sep. “Malie Organics” Started

    Oct. “la kagu” Started
    Sold all STARBUCKS COFFEE Japan, Ltd. shares to Starbucks Corporation of the United States

  • 2015

    Mar. SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd. merged with ESTNATION INC., ICL Inc. and IVY, INC.

    Aug. “DAVID OTTO JUICE” Started

    Oct. “KIPPY’S COCO-CREAM” Started

    Nov. “Shake Shack®” Started

    Dec. Established HOUSE OF LOTUS Inc.

  • 2016

    Jan. Acquired 100% shares of GREENWICH Co., Ltd. to succeed to its business

    Apr. Ryota Tsunoda appointed President and Representative Director due to changes in management

  • 2017

    Mar. “HOUSE OF LOTUS” Started

    Apr. “DEMYLEE” Started
    “ebure” Started
    “EQUIPMENT” Started

    Nov. “CANADA GOOSE” Started

  • 2018

    Apr. “ARTIDA OUD” Started

    Jul. Established MAISON SPECIAL CO.,LTD.

    Aug. Established SAZABY LEAGUE NORTH AMERICA CORP. in the United States

  • 2019

    Mar. SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd. merged with Baggage Handlers Inc.

    Apr. “MAISON SPECIAL” Started

    Oct. “I’M OK” Started

    Nov. “GRID” Started



  • 2020

    Mar. PINA Inc. changed its trade name to CAMPER JAPAN, Inc.

    Aug. “BAKERS gonna BAKE” Started

    Sep. “SZ Blockprints” Started

    Dec. “Wolford” Started

  • 2021

    Mar. SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd. merged with A&S Inc.

  • 2022

    Apr. Established AKOMEYA TOKYO, Inc. as a joint venture with investment from Marunouchi Capital Inc.

    Apr. Established Canada Goose Japan, Inc. as a joint venture with Canada Goose Holdings Inc.

    Apr. Started CVC (Corporate Venture Capital) activities to develop new lifestyle areas and create synergies with existing businesses

    May. “OUTERKNOWN” Started

    Aug. Head office located to Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

    Sep. Acquired 100% shares of SFP DINERS CO.,LTD to succeed to its business

    Sep. “MENYA INOICHI” Started

  • 2023

    Feb. “PRANK PROJECT” Started

    Sep. “PIMENTÉ” Started
    Established RON HERMAN HAWAII CORPORATION in the United States

    Oct. “LAMBDA” Started

    Dec. Established Madhappy Japan, Inc. as a joint venture with Madhappy, Inc.

  • 2024

    Mar. “Madhappy” Started

    Apr. Implemented a change in the management structure
    SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd. transitions to a holding company
    IVY COMPANY Inc., ESTNATION Inc., LITTLE LEAGUE Inc., and SAZABY LEAGUE IRIS Inc. were established through an absorption split.
    Renewal of Group Logo and Code of Conduct