Site Policy

This website is operated by SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). The "Operation Policy of the Company" set forth below is provided for the convenience of visitors to this website. Please refer to the separate terms and conditions applicable to websites of the Company and its affiliates when linking from this website.

Operation Policy of the Company

1. Privacy Protection
The Company shall not use personal data provided by the user on its website (contact information including name/address/telephone number/email address) for tracking surveys or share such data with any third parties beyond the scope of Shared Use as described in our Privacy Policy without prior consent. The Company may use personal data thus provided to send via post or email promotional material about its products and services. Please notify the Company should you not wish to receive any direct marketing material. Should you need to confirm and/or revise the content of personal data in the possession of the Company please contact the Company. The Company will respond to all such requests as promptly as reasonably possible. The Company may use statistical data by which individuals cannot be identified as research material for improving its products and services. In such cases also the Company remains committed to ensuring that personal data provided is protected from unauthorized disclosure to third parties. The Company ensures that personal data provided by full- or part-time job applicants will not be used for purposes other than employment purposes. The Company cannot be held responsible for the protection and privacy of any information which the user provides on linked sites other than the websites of the Company and its affiliates. Such websites are not governed by this privacy statement.
* Please refer also to our Privacy Policy

2. Copyright/Trademark/Intellectual Property Rights
All content (material, text, trademarks, etc.) on the Company and its affiliates' websites is protected by copyright/trademark/intellectual property rights owned by the Company and its affiliates and/or the author (third party contributors to this website under agreement with the Company). Unauthorized uses (alteration, reproduction, rental, lending, transmission, etc.) other than reproductions for personal use of above content are prohibited by law. Resale and distribution, whether for profit or non-profit, of material on the Company and its affiliates' websites are also legally prohibited.

3. Disclaimers
The Company takes great care in providing the most accurate, up-to-date information possible on this website, however, it makes no warranty regarding any loss or damage incurred from viewing or using the website. Please note the Company disclaims all responsibility for any malfunction or viral infection of any computer or equipment resulting from access to or downloads from the Company and its affiliates' websites.

4. Links
The user may provide a link to this website only with prior notice to the Company. The Company shall not be held responsible for the content, accuracy of information and/or site functionality of websites accessible from or linked to any site other than the Company and its affiliates' websites or for any conditions generated on the linked site.

5. Management of Collected Data
Personal data received on the Company and its affiliates' websites is protected by the Company's Privacy Policy but the Company owns the right to use non-personal data thus provided (feedbacks, advice, ideas, images, etc.). The Company deems it has unlimited access to free-of-charge use of such data. Please note that unlike personal data, such non-personal data is not protected as confidential.

6. Website Operation
The Company may alter information on this website without prior notice. In addition, please note that the Company may interrupt or terminate operation of the website at anytime. The Company disclaims all responsibility for any loss or damage that may result for whatever reason from these events.