The SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd. is launching “LIVE LABORATORY 2018”,Annual collaborative project for incubating new businesses

Deadline of Submission : January 15, 2018  !

The “Live Laboratory” project, established by The Sazaby League,
seeks to co-produce new businesses alongside passionate entrepreneurs
who strive to add value through partnership.

Previous entries came from diverse categories of
lifestyle goods, including apparel, food, and home goods.

Latest Live Laboratory culminated
in two business ventures and three brand collaborations.
To date, these are preparing for start-up.

This year we continue to seek entries
that retain a strong drive to co-create new brands
with The Sazaby League.

Using our collective breadth of knowledge,
our mission is to provide innovative goods and services
that add exceptional value
by proposing a ‘half a step forward lifestyle’ to the market.

We welcome your fresh ideas!

To view a list of accepted applicants and
brief descriptions of their projects, click below.



The name of the project, “Live Laboratory” originates
from one of our stores in the 1980’s.
The concept of this store,
laboratory of life and culture was a proposal for a new and unique retail and service.
An unprecedented concept style in Japan at the time,
combining clothing, lifestyle goods, and furniture.
We have chosen this business name for this project since it corresponds
to the projects nature to create new business overpassing categories,
causing chemical reaction by partnership.



Our history begins in 1972, when founder Rikuzo Suzuki
started importing used furniture from Europe.
The Sazaby League expanded rapidly into other ventures by incorporating apparel and restaurants
into the business portfolio. These businesses came to be known as a touchstone
for trendsetting as customers began to anticipate our every move.

Rather than perspective of a professional,
we value spirit of an entrepreneur,
and offer lifestyle goods and services that are accessible to customers.

Our perspective is keenly focused on the consumer,
anticipating market demands and bringing new and exciting lifestyle goods to the market.

The Sazaby League along with our conglomerate currently operate
more than 40 lifestyle related brands with 600 stores with combined annual sales over 100 billion yen.

*Company Profile

  • Application Requirements
  • Selection Timeline
  • Support
  • Inquiries

Application Requirements


Application period
December 1, 2017 to January 15, 2018
Areas of Business
We are looking for a variety of business proposals that will enrich customer’s lifestyle, not limited to culinary or apparel ventures.
Business Plans
Plans may include:
  • ・Plan to create new type of businesses or services co-created with The Sazaby League, Ltd.
  • ・Plan to create new services and value by collaborating with existing Sazaby League brand(s)

*Company ProfilePDF

  • ・Any business in any industry is eligible.
  • ・International applicants are welcome.
  • ・Overseas businesses willing to launch in the Japanese market
  • ・Persons who have applied to the Lien PROJECT are also welcome to apply.
  • ・Projected business or services should be operated by an existing corporation, or a company that will become incorporated in 2018. Applicants must also be a member of the corporation.
  • ・Serial innovators and entrepreneurs are eligible to apply.

 If selected, applicants must be available to formally present their project in person and agree to a final evaluation after they are shortlisted. International applicants may present virtually by teleconference and/or video conference.

Required documents
  • ①Explanation of the collaboration.
    Specify the brand name if your plan includes co-branding with one of our portfolio’s brands.
  • ②Explanation of advantages to co-operating for both parties
  • ③Brand competence (what is the innovation, what could be created, what could it solve)
  • ④Development strategy for the business
  • ⑤Projected sales and profits
  • ⑥Bios and introduction of the team
  • ・Patent rights, utility model patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights, design rights, and other intellectual property rights of the material submitted by the applicant will remain intellectual property of the applicant.
  • ・For other aspects of intellectual property rights, applicants are solely responsible for completing necessary registration and applications procedures to secure formal legal protection.
  • ・Upon submitting ideas to the project, applicants are solely responsible for ensuring they do not violate any third party’s intellectual property rights, or confidentiality agreements, abuse the Personal Information Protection Law, commit invasion of privacy, or provide any other false information.
  • ・The Sazaby League, Ltd. does not agree to confidentiality regarding applicants’ ideas or submissions.
  • ・The Sazaby League, Ltd. carries no responsibility to compensate an applicant in the event that all or part of our business or our brands’ businesses resemble all or part of an applicant’s idea.
  • ・Application documents, attachments, data, and materials will not be returned. Applicants are advised to retain copies for their records.
  • ・Please be advised that we will not provide individual responses or feedback regarding the selection process or results.
  • ・We will not use or share your personal information for any other purpose other than for this project.

Selection Timeline

Application and Business Plan Submission  Dec.1, 2017 (Fri.) to Jan.15, 2018 (Mon.)
Complete the application form
Plan Review Period  Jan. 18, 2018 (Thu.) to Jan. 31, 2018 (Wed.)
We may contact you for additional information or details regarding your submission.
Notification of Selected Plan  Feb. 5, 2018 (Mon.)
We will notify applicants, acceptance / non acceptance results by email.
Presentation to the Selection Committee  Feb. 19, 2018 (Mon) to March. 7, 2018 (Wed.)
Location: SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd. Headquarters
Presentation Review Notification  Mid-March, 2018
We will notify applicants, acceptance / non acceptance results by email.
Business Plan Brush Up Period  Mid-March 2018 to late April 2018
Final Selection  Early May 2018 (tentative)
Location: SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd. Headquarters


Support after Stage Two Presentation
We will support you in refining your plan as you move towards the final selection stage.
Cooperation after Stage Three Final Selection
We anticipate to assist successful candidates in launching new businesses or in collaborating with our brands.

  • ・Mentorship provided by the SAZABY LEAGUE management or brand management team
  • ・Support in refining the products and services, manufacturing, and constructing the branding strategy.
  • ・Test marketing opportunities in our stores and e-commerce outlets
  • ・Public relations assistance
  • ・Project specific support
Scope of support is tailored to each specific project

Please contact us should you have any questions regarding the application or process.

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