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As a Creative Retailer, The SAZABY LEAGUE has been bringing “half-a-step-ahead” lifestyle to our customers since 1974.

Embracing the opportunity of the “Live Laboratory” project, The SAZABY LEAGUE seeks to co-produce new businesses together with passionate and experienced entrepreneurs who strive to generate added value through partnership.

As of ninth application term starting July 2021, in addition to original entry terms, we now expect plans to respond to changing retail market after COVID-19, that will generate synergies with Sazaby League.

In order to constantly collect exciting fresh ideas, we accept application throughout the year, as indicated below.

We’re excited to meet enthusiastic entrepreneurs, and aspire fresh ideas that will inspire people to feel “it’s a beautiful day.” in our daily life.

“Live Laboratory”, a name of the project, originates from one of our stores in 1980’s.

Based on the concept “laboratory of life and culture”, the store, proposing complex of clothing, furniture and café, was quite new and unique retail style in Japan at that time.



The Project that have collaborated
with the Sazaby League.

「Next-generation sneaker cleaning experience」 H.KATSUKAWA. Inc.
MAISON SPECIAL held trial sneaker cleaning session with shoe designer/qualified cleaning master, Mr.Eiichi Katsukawa at MAISON SPECIAL Aoyama.
This collaboration realized to serve personalized cares and repairing solution for all sneaker lovers.
「Ordermade original dress shirt that can be tailored for 10,000 yen」 Yorozu-Link Inc.
Ordermade original dress shirt that can be tailored for 10,000 yen, choosing sillhouettes, collars, cuffs and fabric, that will fit your mind and body.
In mind of Akomeya Tokyo's 'fortune sharing' spirit, held collaboratiion order event at AKOMEYA in la kagu.
「Life with craftsmanship」 Craftie Inc.
Thanks to the collaboration, we started offering tips to realize ideal lifestyle and fun community through workshops in stores of “Afternoon Tea LIVING” and “Flying Tiger Copenhagen”

About Entry

Application period
We accept application all the year divided by 4 periods. For more detail, please refer to the schedule
Areas of business
Any business proposals that enrich customer’s lifestyle, not limited to fashions nor restaurant-cafe area.
Business plan
  1. 1-Plan to create new service and value by collaboration with existing brands of The SAZABY LEAGUE
  2. 2-Paln to create new business or service with The SAZABY LEAGUE
  3. 3-Plan to innovate retail business with IT solution or new technology
  4. 4-Plan to generate synergies to respond to the changing retail market after COVID-19.

    << Retail brands operated by Sazaby League
    X digital technologies and services >>

  • Any business in any industry
  • Individual entrepreneurs are welcome
  • Projected business or services should be operated by an existing corporation, or a company that will become incorporated soon.
  • International applicants are welcome.
  • Overseas businesses willing to launch in the Japanese market
  • Persons who have applied before are welcome
    **If selected, applicants are requested to make a presentation in person or by video conference for international applicants.
Required description for application form
  • 1-Your business plan with details
    **nominate any brand if your plan includes collaboration with one of our brands.
  • 2-Descripition how your plan is “half-a-step-ahead” that is mission of The SAZABY LEAGUE.(Strong, innovative and characteristic points etc.)
  • 3-Any value, merit and fun your plan will offer to people
  • 4-Why do you want to collaborate with The SAZABY LEAGUE?
  • 5-How to develop your plan, in what timeframe, and how volume (sales/profit etc)
  • 6-Introduction of the team (members and profiles)
  • Patent rights, utility model patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights, design rights, and other intellectual property rights of the material submitted by the applicant will remain intellectual property of the applicant.
  • For other aspects of intellectual property rights, applicants are solely responsible for completing necessary registration and applications procedures to secure formal legal protection.
  • Upon submitting ideas to the project, applicants are solely responsible for ensuring they do not violate any third party’s intellectual property rights, or confidentiality agreements, abuse the Personal Information Protection Law, commit invasion of privacy, or provide any other false information.
  • SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd. does not agree to confidentiality regarding applicants’ ideas or submissions.
  • SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd. carries no responsibility to compensate an applicant in the event that all or part of our business or our brands’ businesses resemble all or part of an applicant’s idea.
  • Application documents, attachments, data, and materials will not be returned. Applicants are advised to retain copies for their records.
  • Please be advised that we will not provide individual responses or feedback regarding the selection process or results.
  • We will not use or share your personal information for any other purpose other than for this project.


You can Scroll

There's a possibility of change in schedule.Please be aware in advance.


Opportunity for finalists

  • Mentoring with management members of The SAZABY LEAGUE or related brands team
  • Improving service plan and supporting products development or brand building
  • Providing opportunity of test marketing on EC or stores
  • *Support style may vary depending on business plans

Please contact us should you have any questions regarding the application or process.

Contact us

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